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The Institute for Medical Education strives to improve medical training and education through a diversity of research projects which employ both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Medicine is the central aspect of a patient centred and multiprofessional care. It is crucial therefore, that many of our research projects at the IME also have an interdisciplinary approach. Some projects involve not only medicine and healthcare, but also other complementary disciplines like educational sciences or economy.

Thanks to the many cooperations that have been established in the last couple of years, excellent conditions for meaningful research on a national and international level are present.


Jan Kiesewetter

Nurith Epstein

Research focus and objectives:

  • Technology-based approach for teaching and assessment

  • Interventions in health education

  • Scientific and clinical career paths

  • Scientific reasoning in interdisciplinary contexts

  • Clinical decision-making competence


Of course, we want to make our work accessible to the respective Scientific Community through publications of our research results. We also strive to put our acquired research findings into practice in the context of teaching and learning, particulary at the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

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