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The main aspects of a university education are communication and discussion on a high scientific level, as well as lifelong learning. Through the combination of teaching - research – patient care at the Munich University hospital, we are faced at the same time with a special challenge and an opportunity to shape instruction at the university.

The institute's goal is to apply scientific ways of thinking – according to the principle of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning- to teaching.


Martin Fischer

Johanna Huber


We want to support instructors in healthcare through the following ways:

  • to expand their didactic skills

  • to evaluate their teaching experience

  • to reflect on their understanding of their role as a teacher

  • to develop and apply new concepts concerning learning, teaching and examining

  • to take part in the development of the curriculum itself

  • to exchange their experiences with other instructors

Our teaching activities within MeCuM

The members of the DAM are committed to the Medical Curriculum Munich (MeCuM) and organise the following courses throughout different modules and teaching formats:

  • Seminars about prevention & health promotion and health economics, healthcare systems & public health care in the L-8 longitudinal course

  • Simulated rounds (SiLVi) in module 23

  • Seminars on patient-centred communication (PoK) in module 23

  • PBL-tutorials (problem based learning)

  • Communication in paediatrics in module 5

Additional learning opportunities

There are many other learning opportunities for medical students, apart from the regular courses in the curriculum,  for instance:


The Institute for Medical Education has been involved for more than 15 years in the conception and development of online courses at the Virtual Bavarian University (vhb). On the one hand, we counsel and support the instructors at the Faculty of Medicine in the creation of their online learning opportunities. On the other hand, we regularly develop our own course projects. The vhb course catalog can be found here:

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